Commander League Night @ Mana Pool, Toronto [from 29 October to 30 September]

Commander League Night

- 30
19:30 - 22:00

 Facebook event page
Mana Pool
5A - 2100 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6P4C9
You will gain points during the games for the actions you take. Actions that promote a fun casual atmosphere will score you points, actions that take away from that atmosphere will lose you points. It will be multiplayer games of Commander. At the end of three different event nights you will gain a prize if you lead in points. You will gain or lose points for the following actions.

-5 Point
Flake Out – Don’t show up to the second or third game in the League (without a legitimate excuse called in beforehand).

-4 Point
But We Just Started – Eliminating a player prior to their 5th turn.

-3 Point
No Easy Wins– Win the game through a state based effect that automatically wins you the game. (This is applied when you win the game through cards such as Azor’s Elocutors, Barren Glory, Celestial Convergence, etc).

-2 Points
Chasm – Be the instigator of wrecking one or more players mana bases. This includes spells like Choke, Armageddon, Bust, etc. (This penalty is in the spirit of the rule, and not the letter of the rule, effects that would reset the board for all or most of the players at the table will be awarded this penalty. This can be awarded to the same player more than once per pod. Use of an Annihilator trigger to wreck your own mana base DOES NOT give the controller of Annihilator this award.)

-1 Point
Greedy McGreederson – Take 3 or more Turns in a row. This can be awarded more than once.

Only there for its Colour – Finish the game without playing your General. If a player did not have the ability to cast their general during the game, they do not receive this award.

Stupidity Minor – Arguing with another player over a card and being wrong about the card.

+1 Point
Danger Zone – Eliminate an opponent while your life is less than 5. (Can be achieved multiple times)

Fourth Times the Charm – Resolve your General 4 times in a single game from the Command Zone.

Generalissimo – Eliminate a player with General damage. Can be awarded more than once.

I’m Probably Next – Have the lowest life total, which must be lower than 10, when the first player is killed

Just Enough – Deal exactly lethal non-General damage to a player who is at 7 or more life.

Leading the Charge – Destroy another player’s general with your own.

Look at the Little Baby – Eliminate an opponent with a 1/1 creature

Not Quite Enough… – Put an opponent at 1 life.

+2 Points
Cramped Quarters – Control at least 40 different non-token permanents at the same time.

Salsa Dancer – Cast the fifth spell on a single stack. Copies of spells do not count.

You’re Outta Here – Kill a player or being directly responsible for a player’s elimination. There is the obvious – controlling the source of the damage (whether it’s direct or creatures). This also includes, although is not limited to alternate methods, such as controlling the Howling Mine that makes the player deck himself, or redirecting lethal damage to someone. (Player A plays Fireball, Player B Swerves the Fireball to Player C.) This can be awarded more than once to the same player.

Wafer Thin – Kill a player with one point of damage or one point of life loss.

+3 Points
Chain Letter – Resolve the third spell that starts with a third consecutive letter, one additional point to a player who continues the chain. For example Player A plays Storm Herd, Player B casts Terminate then Unsummon. Player B gets 3 points. Player C then plays Venser and gets 1 Point. Player B then plays Withered Wretch and gets 1 point. Player D casts Wrath of God, therefore breaking the chain.

+4 Points
Mr Blue Sky – Cast your general when total cost is 20 or more.

End of Game Points
+1 Point – The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall – The person with the highest life total when he/she died (for combat death, look at the life total before combat damage was applied) wins a point.

+1 Point – I Suck – Be eliminated from the game or have it end when you have 0 points. This checks after “I’m Out”.

+1 Point – I’m Out – Be the first player eliminated from the table.

+1 Point – Minions’ Day Off – The person who had the least creatures in play when he/she died.

+1 Point – Suicide Bomber – Eliminate all remaining players at the same time (yes this includes you).

+1 Point – Huge Tracts of Land – The person who had the least lands in play when he/she died wins a point.

+1 Point – There can be Only One – Be the last player remaining in a game.
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